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Kevin H.
Vitaliy and Ugin did a Fantastic job! They were the drivers contracted by another company. When the movers from the other company failed to show up, the two of them unloaded the entire truck by themselves. It was a very large job that required much heavy lifting and multiple staircases. Not to mention that it was raining! They are very responsible, courteous, and showed great character in seeing a difficult job through to the very end. We are so grateful.
Cal B.
Very satisfied with our move from Nashville to Denver. The driver kept us informed as to his pickup time, as well as his drop-off time. The move went flawlessly, everything arrived in great shape. I highly recommend ITX Moving for your moving needs, you will not be disappointed.
Excellent company, with hard and fast working crews. Jeremy was very helpful!
Julia D.
Max is so friendly, professional, and easy to work with! Highly recommend!
Klare H.
Our driver coordinated the move very professionally-- assembled quality crew!
Lucy C.
From the initial consultation to the final delivery, ITX Moving provided excellent customer service. They made my move seamless and hassle-free.
Jon B.
I can't thank ITX Moving enough for their exceptional service. They took care of everything, from disassembling furniture to packing delicate items. I highly recommend them.
Tamara Z.
A shifting is always troublesome but with these ITX movers doing their work more than half the worry is overcome.
Kamilla T.
Great Work!They are very friendly and efficient - they just kept working! Wrapped things and got everything out of the old and into the new home. They asked us to check the truck before! Outstanding service.
Yulia P.
It was more comfortable!I had them set up two living rooms the way I wanted it. I made a comment really to myself out loud that I was hoping a particular sofa and chairs would be in the larger room as it was more comfortable and the TV was there. And they did the same. They actually make moving fun, as it should be moving into a new home.
Anna G.
I like that it took less time for the company's employees to complete the task. And most of the team members were nice and kind. I think this is a great way to relocate with the services of this company. I recommend their service to anyone.
Svitlana S.
Excellent crew work!Great service!Very close follow up from management
Julia K.
My moving through the USA went smooth without delays and damages.Thank you for the service!
Yulia I.
These guys are rock stars. From Grose providing an accurate estimate the same day I contacted them to get our stuff moved safely and quickly several weeks later, I was happy with every aspect of the move. Furniture was wrapped and packed exceptionally well to keep it safe and undamaged. At one point, it became clear that our box spring wasn't going to fit up the stairs, but before I could even blink, the guys had hoisted it up over the balcony. Recommended!
Irina T.
Great job!I would highly suggest this company which isn't so much more expensive at the end, if compared with the quotes we got from other companies. Also the temporary storage option is available and it doesn't cost so much.
Виктория Б.
Это лучший сервис !!! Очень рекомендую
Anthony C.
Heather G.
Kerry B.
Ina C.
Илья Р.
June M.
Max Borisob was the most amazing person and customer service was greaf! He went above and beyond to keep us up to date and worked hard to get ourstuff delivered and with care!
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Moving Company

Moving for the First Time?

To start your move, a moving company will evaluate your move’s specifics to give you an accurate quote. Once agreed upon, you’ll get an “Order of Service” detailing costs, services, and move dates, as well as be assigned a dedicated moving specialist. If you choose packing services, a team will come to you and pack your items on a predetermined date a few days before your move. On moving day, your items will be loaded onto a truck, and you’ll receive a “Bill of Lading,” a document confirming the details of your move and serving as a receipt. As items are unloaded at your new home, they’ll be checked off this list. You will then conduct a walkthrough of all of your items, concluding with confirmation of a finished move with the team leader.

 Denver Moving FAQ

When choosing a moving company, look for movers that meet your requirements, who make you feel happy and safe.

Max Borisov - Owner, ITX Moving

What Are the Costs Involved in Hiring a Professional Moving Company?

The cost of hiring a professional moving company varies depending on the distance and the amount of items to be moved, as well as any add-on services such as packing or storage. For local moves, prices can range from $700 to $3,500, while long-distance relocations can cost anywhere from $2,000 to over $7,500. To understand the exact price you are going to pay, request a moving quote from a moving company that you are considering. Most will give these for free with no obligation.

For ITX Moving & Storage, we prioritize offering competitive and transparent pricing. We assess your needs with an in-depth survey of your items to provide an accurate estimate, ensuring no surprise costs. This is supported by our comprehensive quotes with all of the details. Our dedicated team in Denver is committed to offering value for your money.

ITX Moving Prices

$180 Two Movers and a Truck
4-Hour Minimum
$230 Three Movers and a Truck
4-Hour Minimum

Will I Be Able to Get a Comprehensive Estimate Laying Out All Costs and Services?

A professional move is an intricate process, and understanding the financial aspect is paramount for most clients. Reliable moving companies recognize this necessity and should invariably offer a comprehensive estimate that meticulously lays out all costs and services. Such a detailed breakdown not only provides clarity on what clients are paying for but also sets expectations right, eliminating chances of unexpected costs or hidden fees. Avoid any mover that offers a blind estimate over the phone with little detail.

At ITX Moving & Storage, you get no surprises and no hidden costs. Just a straightforward, honest quote that lets you plan your move with confidence and peace of mind by breaking down every detail of what goes into your quote. No matter what your move entails, you can expect absolute clarity in our financial dealings.

Do Moving Companies Offer Both Local and Long-Distance Moves?

Many professional movers are equipped to handle both local and long-distance relocations, though some may be more prepared for local movers while others are more equipped for long-distance moves. Local moves are defined as moves within the state of Colorado, while long-distance moves span across multiple states or even cross-country. The services and intricacies for each vary, but reputable companies should be capable of managing both with efficiency.

ITX Moving & Storage prides itself on our versatile moving solutions. Not only do we excel in assisting with local moves within the vibrant city of Denver and its surrounding areas, but we also specialize in long-distance relocations with deep experience moving across states. No matter the distance, our team ensures a smooth transition, making your move as stress-free as possible.

Do All Movers Provide Packing Services and Packing Supplies?

Not all moving companies offer packing services and supplies as a standard offering. While many do provide these services to assist clients in their moving journey, it remains an optional service. Standard base services typically include loading, transportation, and unloading of your belongings. If you are interested in packing assistance or supplies, be sure to confirm with the mover before agreeing to move with them so that you can confirm that they have the services you need. Some companies may also offer specialized packing for fragile or valuable items.

For clients of ITX Moving & Storage, we extend a comprehensive suite of packing solutions. Not only do we provide optional packing services, but we also supply high-quality packing materials to ensure the safety of your belongings. Our team of trained professionals is equipped to handle everything from everyday items to delicate valuables, ensuring everything reaches its destination in impeccable condition.

How Can I Check My Movers Licenses and Insurance?

It’s essential for customers to ensure that they are dealing with legitimate and professional movers. One reliable way to do this is by using the USDOT Lookup provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This tool not only verifies licenses but also provides information on a company’s insurance, safety records, and any possible violations. Your potential movers should list their USDOT right on their website. If they don’t, this should raise some serious red flags.

For ITX Moving & Storage, transparency and legitimacy are cornerstones of our service. We are fully licensed and insured, and we encourage all prospective clients to verify our impeccable credentials using the USDOT lookup on the FMCSA website. Our commitment extends beyond just moving; it’s about ensuring trust, safety, and professionalism in every facet of our operations. Our USDOT license number is 1782839.

What Should I Look For When Reviewing Online Reviews of the Moving Company?

When analyzing online reviews of a moving company, there are several key aspects to consider. Firstly, examine the number of reviews, as a greater number often indicates extensive experience. Pay attention to how recent these reviews are. The overall score is a quick and useful metric, but delve into the comments left with reviews to better understand specific praises or concerns. Finally, take note of the company’s responsiveness. A company that actively engages with feedback, especially negative, often demonstrates a commitment to customer service and continuous improvement.

For prospective clients of ITX Moving & Storage, we take immense pride in our online reputation. We encourage everyone to peruse our reviews, note our consistent high scores, and our proactive engagement with feedback. You can see all of our reviews, straight from Google, here.

How Will I Be Covered For Items Damaged or Lost During the Move?

When it comes to safeguarding your possessions during a move, understanding the protection options available is crucial. Professional movers typically offer two main types of valuation coverage for your items: Limited Liability Coverage and Full Value Protection. By government regulation, all moving companies are required to offer Limited Liability Coverage. This provides minimal compensation based on the weight of the item, at 50 cents per pound per item. On the other hand, Full Value Protection covers the complete value of the item, compensating for its replacement, repair, or reimbursement should any damage occur during the move.

At ITX Moving & Storage, we emphasize the importance of clarity in these coverage options. While we always offer the mandatory Limited Liability Coverage, we also recommend our Full Value Protection option for those who want more comprehensive coverage for their cherished belongings. You can also declare items that are worth over $100 per pound per item as Items of Extraordinary Value. Our team is trained to handle items with the utmost care, but in the rare event of mishaps, we ensure our clients have the best protection available.

Why Choose ITX Moving?

  • Fast delivery with our own trucks
  • No subcontractors
  • Guaranteed Price, No Surprises
  • Professionally Trained Movers
  • On Time and Reliable
  • Extra Furniture Protection
  • Building & Floor Protection
  • Top-Rated Customer Service

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