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You’ll start your move by getting a quote from the moving company that looks at the size and weight of your safe, as well as anything else that is included in your move. Upon agreeing to the terms, you’ll be provided an Order of Service which lays out the specifics of your move. To ensure everything is managed professionally, a moving specialist is assigned to oversee your move. The process varies based on the type of move: an in-home move involves a moving crew arriving and using equipment to move the gun safe from one room to another, while local or long-distance moves will involve both the crew and a truck, which they will load, transport, and unload in your new home. Upon the loading of your safe into the truck, you will receive the Bill of Lading, which verifies the details of the move. After you confirm with the team leader that everything is in order, the move is officially complete.

Gun Safe Moving FAQ

Our Gun Safe Moving Services

  • In-Home, Local, and Long-Distance

    Moving your gun safe within your place, across Denver, or over state lines? We're here to help every step of the way to move gun safes of any size.

  • Full-Service Moving

    Moving more than just the gun safe, but the whole lot? We've got a complete package for you, making your move hassle-free.

  • Professional Equipment

    Our top-grade equipment ensures your gun safe is moved safely, protecting both the safe and your home.

  • Warehouse Storage

    Need a spot for your gun safe during the transition? We offer secure, climate-controlled storage to keep it safe and sound.

What Qualifications Should Gun Safe Movers Have?

Gun safe movers should possess a combination of technical skills, experience, and proper licensing. They should be trained in the specifics of handling heavy and sensitive equipment, ensuring the safety of both the item and the surroundings. Additionally, a reputable gun safe mover should have a track record of successful moves, showcasing their ability to handle such tasks without incidents. It’s a plus if they are a full-service mover, which allows them to handle the rest of your move and offer additional services such as storage options.

ITX Moving understands the importance of qualifications when it comes to moving gun safes. That is why we ensure that our crew is not only expertly trained but also has years of experience in the moving industry. We prioritize safety and efficiency, ensuring that every move is executed with the utmost professionalism.

How Do Professionals Move Heavy Gun Safes?

Professionals employ a systematic approach when moving heavy gun safes. They start by assessing the weight and dimensions of the safe, followed by determining the best route for transportation. Specialized equipment, such as heavy-duty dollies and lifting straps, are used to ensure the safe is moved without causing damage or injury. Proper techniques are also employed to ensure that the safe remains stable during the move.

At ITX Moving, we pride ourselves on our meticulous planning and execution. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to move heavy gun safes seamlessly, ensuring that they reach their destination with both the gun-safe and your home in perfect condition.

What Equipment Is Used To Safely Move Gun Safes?

To move gun safes safely, a variety of specialized equipment is utilized. This includes heavy-duty dollies for transportation, lifting straps to ensure a secure grip, and skid boards to slide the safe across surfaces without causing damage. Additionally, stair-rollers might be used for navigating steps, and protective blankets can be wrapped around the safe and broken-down boxes taped against certain walls to prevent scratches to the safe and your home.

ITX Moving is always prepared with the latest and most reliable equipment in the industry. We invest in the best tools to ensure that every gun safe we move is handled with the utmost care and precision. If you’re interested in learning more about the gun-safe moving process, please feel free to speak with your assigned moving specialist, who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Gun Safe Movers?

The cost of hiring gun safe movers varies based on the type of move. For in-home moves, prices typically range from $200 to $600. Local Moves can cost between $5000 to $1500, while Long-Distance Moves might range from $1000 to $6000, or more, depending on the distance and complexity.

We offer competitive pricing for all types of gun safe moves. We provide transparent quotes with in-depth surveys of your moving details, ensuring that you are well-informed about all of the costs involved. Our commitment is to deliver value for money without compromising on quality, all while avoiding any surprise costs.

How Do I Prepare A Gun Safe For Moving?

Preparing a gun safe for moving involves emptying its contents, securing all movable parts, and ensuring that the door is locked. It’s crucial to remove all firearms and ammunition and store them separately for the safety of everyone involved in the move. Additionally, any shelves or compartments inside the safe should be emptied to reduce weight and prevent items from shifting during transit. Ensure that the path the movers will have to take when moving the gun safe is completely clear.

We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive guidance throughout your move. This includes answering any questions that you have for preparing your gun safe and home for relocation. Our experts provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring that the safe is ready for a smooth and secure move with no danger to the movers or the safe.

What Are The License Requirements For Transporting Gun Safes?

Transporting gun safes requires adherence to specific licensing regulations. The United States Department of Transportation mandates that movers obtain a USDOT license for the interstate transportation of goods. It’s essential to verify a mover’s USDOT license by checking the Federal Movers Database, ensuring they are compliant with federal regulations.

ITX Moving is fully licensed and compliant with all USDOT regulations. We encourage you to verify our credentials using the Federal Movers Database, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and professionalism. Our USDOT license number is 1782839.

How Long Does The Process Of Moving A Gun Safe Take?

The time it takes to move a gun safe largely depends on the type of move and the specific circumstances surrounding it. For in-home moves, where the safe is simply being relocated to another room or floor, it should be able to be done within the same day. Local moves, where the safe is transported within Denver or other cities in Colorado, can range from one to a few days. Long-distance moves, which involve transporting the safe to a different state, can vary significantly based on distance, but typically take anywhere from a week to several weeks.

ITX Moving is dedicated to ensuring timely and efficient moves. While we strive for speed, we never compromise on the safety and security of the gun safes we transport. As an independent moving company, we are able to offer streamlined moves compared to national chains. Our team will always provide an estimated timeframe before the move, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Are There Insurance Options For Moving Gun Safes?

Government regulation mandates that all movers offer 60 cents per pound per item of coverage, known as Limited Liability Coverage, typically at no extra cost. For added protection, most movers provide Full Value Replacement at an additional cost, ensuring full reimbursement, repair, or replacement of damaged items. Items valued over $100 per pound per item can be declared as Items of Extraordinary Value for enhanced coverage.

ITX Moving is committed to offering you a range of moving valuation options to suit your needs. We adhere to government regulations, ensuring that every move is covered while offering options for further coverage, giving you peace of mind during the relocation process.

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