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Kevin H.
Vitaliy and Ugin did a Fantastic job! They were the drivers contracted by another company. When the movers from the other company failed to show up, the two of them unloaded the entire truck by themselves. It was a very large job that required much heavy lifting and multiple staircases. Not to mention that it was raining! They are very responsible, courteous, and showed great character in seeing a difficult job through to the very end. We are so grateful.
Cal B.
Very satisfied with our move from Nashville to Denver. The driver kept us informed as to his pickup time, as well as his drop-off time. The move went flawlessly, everything arrived in great shape. I highly recommend ITX Moving for your moving needs, you will not be disappointed.
Excellent company, with hard and fast working crews. Jeremy was very helpful!
Julia D.
Max is so friendly, professional, and easy to work with! Highly recommend!
Klare H.
Our driver coordinated the move very professionally-- assembled quality crew!
Lucy C.
From the initial consultation to the final delivery, ITX Moving provided excellent customer service. They made my move seamless and hassle-free.
Jon B.
I can't thank ITX Moving enough for their exceptional service. They took care of everything, from disassembling furniture to packing delicate items. I highly recommend them.
Tamara Z.
A shifting is always troublesome but with these ITX movers doing their work more than half the worry is overcome.
Kamilla T.
Great Work!They are very friendly and efficient - they just kept working! Wrapped things and got everything out of the old and into the new home. They asked us to check the truck before! Outstanding service.
Yulia P.
It was more comfortable!I had them set up two living rooms the way I wanted it. I made a comment really to myself out loud that I was hoping a particular sofa and chairs would be in the larger room as it was more comfortable and the TV was there. And they did the same. They actually make moving fun, as it should be moving into a new home.
Anna G.
I like that it took less time for the company's employees to complete the task. And most of the team members were nice and kind. I think this is a great way to relocate with the services of this company. I recommend their service to anyone.
Svitlana S.
Excellent crew work!Great service!Very close follow up from management
Julia K.
My moving through the USA went smooth without delays and damages.Thank you for the service!
Yulia I.
These guys are rock stars. From Grose providing an accurate estimate the same day I contacted them to get our stuff moved safely and quickly several weeks later, I was happy with every aspect of the move. Furniture was wrapped and packed exceptionally well to keep it safe and undamaged. At one point, it became clear that our box spring wasn't going to fit up the stairs, but before I could even blink, the guys had hoisted it up over the balcony. Recommended!
Irina T.
Great job!I would highly suggest this company which isn't so much more expensive at the end, if compared with the quotes we got from other companies. Also the temporary storage option is available and it doesn't cost so much.
Виктория Б.
Это лучший сервис !!! Очень рекомендую
Anthony C.
Heather G.
Kerry B.
Ina C.
Илья Р.
June M.
Max Borisob was the most amazing person and customer service was greaf! He went above and beyond to keep us up to date and worked hard to get ourstuff delivered and with care!
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Warehouse Storage for Moving

Moving for the First Time?

Upon agreeing to a moving and storage quote with a selected moving company, you’ll be paired with a moving specialist to ensure a smooth transition, and be given an Order of Service detailing the services agreed upon. On moving day, a crew will arrive to load your moving boxes and furniture onto the truck. Should you choose the packing services option, a packing crew will arrive a few days prior to prepare all agreed-upon items. After everything is loaded, the truck will take your belongings to the warehouse, where they’ll be securely placed on a pallet within a safeguarded vault. Ideally, this warehouse is equipped with climate-control features and is under continuous surveillance. Access to your items during storage is only possible by coordinating with the company in advance, which may incur an additional fee. When you’re ready to settle into your new house, the moving company will transport and unload your possessions into their designated rooms. Concluding your move, a final walkthrough and confirmation with your team leader will signify the completion of the moving process.

Warehouse Storage FAQ

Max Borisov - Owner, ITX Moving

  • Integration with Your Move

    To ensure a seamless experience, our warehouse storage services are a part of your move, keeping time, costs, and effort at a minimum for you.

  • Climate-Control

    Many items require a stable temperature to maintain their condition, which is why our warehouse is equipped with climate control.

  • 24/7 Surveillance

    We prioritize the security of your belongings, equipping our warehouse with 24/7 surveillance, safeguarding your items at all times.

  • Short-Term and Long-Term Options

    Our storage is tailored to meet diverse needs, offering both short-term solutions during your move and long-term options for extended storage requirements.

How Much Does It Cost to Add Warehouse Storage to My Denver Move?

The cost of warehouse storage for your move in Denver can range broadly based on several variables including the amount of space required, the duration of storage, and any additional services needed. A rough estimate for average warehouse storage costs could fall between $100 to $300 per month. This range is inclusive of basic storage services, with additional costs for services like packing, transportation, and special handling of fragile or oversized items.

ITX Moving aims to provide competitive and transparent pricing for all our warehouse storage services in Denver. We offer a variety of storage solutions to fit different budgets and space requirements, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your move. Our team is dedicated to providing detailed quotes tailored to your specific needs, making sure there are no hidden fees or surprises. With ITX Moving, you get a reliable partner committed to making your moving and storage experience seamless and affordable.

How Do I Locate the Best Denver Moving Storage Provider Near Me?

Finding the best moving storage provider near you in Denver entails considering various factors including pricing, size, security measures, and customer reviews. Researching online, asking friends and family about their moving storage experiences or consulting online reviews, and consulting with moving companies can provide insight into the options available. It’s advisable to compare prices, check the availability of different unit sizes, and review the terms and conditions of storage to make an informed decision. Be sure to consider their moving services as well to get a truly full-service moving experience.

ITX Moving is a reputable Denver-based moving storage provider dedicated to offering reliable, cost-effective storage solutions. Our dedicated moving coordinators will be available to provide you with all the necessary information for you to understand the services we offer. With a range of moving and storage services, as well as an experienced team ready to assist you, ITX Moving simplifies the process of finding and securing the perfect storage solution for your move. Our strong online presence and positive customer reviews reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

What Are the Steps in the Warehouse Storage Moving Procedure?

The warehouse storage moving procedure is a well-orchestrated process that involves multiple stages to ensure a smooth transition from one location to another. The process starts with meticulous planning that outlines the different phases of the move. A typical warehouse moving procedure is divided into three primary stages: Loading your items into our trucks, transporting the items to our warehouse where they will be stored, and transporting and unloading the items at your new home. Many moving and storage companies will also offer optional packing services. This step occurs a few days before moving day, at an agreed-upon time.

ITX Moving is proficient in handling warehouse storage moving procedures with a team of experienced professionals who ensure a seamless transition. We understand the intricacies involved in each stage of the move and offer comprehensive solutions to meet the unique needs of your moving process. Our careful planning and expert execution, combined with the use of modern equipment and adherence to safety protocols, make us a reliable choice for managing your warehouse move. With ITX Moving, you can expect a hassle-free warehouse moving experience tailored to your timeline and budget.

How Are My Belongings Arranged and Organized in the Warehouse?

The arrangement and organization of belongings in a warehouse during a move are critical to ensuring the safety and accessibility of items. Various methods are employed by moving companies to optimize space and protect your belongings. One common method is the use of wooden vaults, which tend to be kept on pallets, where your items are packed into these vaults to make stacking easier and to keep your entire shipment together. Oversized items are shrink-wrapped and kept on pallets to avoid damage.

ITX Moving is committed to employing best practices in the arrangement and organization of your belongings in our warehouse. Our experienced team ensures that each item is carefully packed, stacked, and stored to prevent any damage. Our primary goal is to provide a seamless moving and storage experience to you, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the process.

What Safety Measures Does the Moving Company Implement for Items in Storage?

Various safety measures are taken by moving companies in Denver to ensure the security and protection of your belongings while in storage. Many storage facilities are climate-controlled to shield items from extreme temperatures and humidity, which is necessary for many items, including wooden furniture, electronics, art, and more​​. Some moving and storage companies will invest in pest control to ensure your belongings are safe. Additionally, some companies ensure the safety of your stored items by monitoring storage spaces 24/7 to ensure the safety of your property.

ITX Moving prioritizes the safety and security of your belongings while in storage. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, pest control, and climate control to ensure your items are well-protected against any adverse conditions. Our dedicated team in Denver is trained to handle your items with utmost care, ensuring they remain in excellent condition throughout the storage period.

How Are Pickup and Delivery Managed with Warehouse Moving Storage?

The management of pickup and delivery is a crucial aspect of warehouse moving storage, ensuring a seamless transition of your belongings to and from the storage facility. In Denver, some moving companies offer convenient pickup and delivery services, where they handle the transportation of your items to and from the storage facility. This valet storage service means you don’t have to worry about the logistics of transporting your belongings, as it’s all taken care of for you​​.

ITX Moving makes the process of pickup and delivery hassle-free for you with storage options that are fully integrated into your moving process. Our professional team in Denver handles the entirety of your move, from start to finish. By incorporating your storage needs directly into your move, we are able to offer the most convenience at the best cost.

How Am I Protected Against Damage or Loss During the Move and Storage?

Various types of insurance coverages called “Moving Valuation” are available to mitigate the risks associated with moving items. Government regulations dictate that all movers offer Limited Liability Coverage, which gives you 60 cents per pound per item of coverage during your move. Most movers realize this isn’t enough, which is why they offer Full Value Protection, which gives you a full replacement, repair, or reimbursement for damaged items. Keep in mind that this coverage is for moving. Most movers allow basic Limited Liability Coverage to extend to all parts of the moving and storage process, but you will have to speak with your coverage provider about how you are covered during storage when you opt for Full Value Protection.

ITX Moving is dedicated to providing comprehensive protection for your belongings during both the moving and storage phases. We offer robust valuation options, including both Limited Liability Coverage and Full Value Protection. Please ask your assigned moving coordinator exactly how you will be covered during the storage process.

Why Choose ITX Moving?

  • Fast delivery with our own trucks
  • No subcontractors
  • Guaranteed Price, No Surprises
  • Professionally Trained Movers
  • On Time and Reliable
  • Extra Furniture Protection
  • Building & Floor Protection
  • Top-Rated Customer Service

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